About Bertha

Embodiment of iconic woman's fashion and celebration of individuality one is capable of achieving are the values Bertha Gleisner strove to express in her family's jewelry shop during the decadent 1920's. Today we carry on her legacy with products that radiate contemporary glamour. By creating new timeless styles with trendsetting designs, Bertha products are crafted for the rare ones.

Bertha Watches


Bertha Watches embody high fashion, traditional craftsmanship and luxury, all coming together to create carefully designed and rare pieces. The unique Signature collection features original artwork much like the cloisonne pieces of the past, modernized. The Charmed collection allows you to express your individuality. The Classic collection pays homage to long-standing, everyday designs. You can even dress up with our Crystals collection. With respect for classic, timeless styles and constant attention to new ideas and trends, Bertha watches remain relevant to today and tomorrow's fashion.

Bertha Sunglasses


While working in her family's jewelry shop, Bertha admired antique jewelry made from horn of the Asian water buffalo. The unique, natural and beautiful patterns give an exotic, yet refined look. Bertha Horn Sunglasses are handcrafted from natural horn, a superior material that is naturally lightweight and strong, and develops a beautiful patina with age. A material with such a rich history has now been brought to everyday luxury with Bertha Sunglasses.


Caring for your Handmade BERTHA Horn Sunglasses

Please use a soft cloth and a mild soap to wet and dry the frame.  Never soak your sunglasses. To maintain the unique luster and to assure the frame does not become brittle we suggest rubbing baby oil on the frame before sleeping and by the time you awake the frames will be fully rejuvenated.